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A submissive women being dominated by her master

Dictionaries will tell you that a Kink is any unconventional or unusual sexual preference. We will tell you that kinks are the tiny things that make regular encounters and make them unforgettable.

Kinks come in many types. Sometimes your kink is satisfied just by looking at someone, like when their leather outfit turns you on or them tying their hair in pigtails makes your blood boil. Other kinks require action to get some sexual excitement, such as spanking or being tickled behind the left knee.

Kinks are specific to each person, so something that turns one person on might do nothing for another.

We always recommend keeping an open mind when exploring kinks. Sometimes even if something sounds like it’s not your thing, it can still lead to a unique and memorable experience. However, remember to always seek consent before involving others in your kinks.

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