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Suggested Terms
Bondage is the act of tying up or restraining a consenting person. Bondage is one of the essential elements of BDSM and It’s what the B stands for. For some, having the power to restrain an individual is pleasurable and for others being the person experiencing the helplessness of being bound and
Fetish is an extreme desire for certain behaviors or particular objects, materials or body parts. A person with a fetish will often be drawn to the object or behavior of their desire and will be excited or aroused by being close to it or touching it. Fetish comes in all
Chastity is limiting all sexual activities except those permitted by the dominant. Those in chastity will often wear something to symbolize their situation, usually a lock if not a full chastity belt. The dominant in a chastity relationship is often referred to as the ‘keyholder’ and will have complete control
Anal Training
The process of preparing the anus for anal play by using lubricants, fingers,  butt plugs, etc.   Anal Stretching A form of play where the goal is to see how far the anus can stretch, using toys, dildos and butt plugs. Stretching the anus too much or too fast can
Whiplr is a hub for the BDSM, Fetish, alternative lifestyles and Kink community Whiplr is the world’s biggest online community for fetish, BDSM and alternative lifestyles. Starting a mobile dating app for the BDSM community, it has grown and now offer a vibrant platform for experienced kinksters and newbies alike with
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