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Tattoo Fetish
Tattoo Fetish
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Whiplr Playground
Whiplr Playground is a fetish cam site where viewers can interact live with fetish professionals and fulfill their hidden fetish desires.  The hosts on the playground are experienced dominant mistresses, obedient subs and world-renowned educators,  equipped with professional fetish gear. The Playground is designed so that kinksters can feel free to
A coffin, in the context of BDSM, is not used for burial but rather used as bondage equipment designed for extreme confinement. In most dungeons and clubs, coffins are made in the traditional hexagonal shape that is common in cinema (and specifically in vampire movies). Coffins may be lying down
Caging is a BDSM practice in which a dominant confines their submissive partner in a cage in order to show ownership. The practice of caging, like any other BDSM practice, must be consensual due to risks.
Boi refers to a  female submissive who behaves and dresses in a masculine manner.
Whiplr is a hub for the BDSM, Fetish, alternative lifestyles and Kink community Whiplr is the world’s biggest online community for fetish, BDSM and alternative lifestyles. Starting a mobile dating app for the BDSM community, it has grown and now offer a vibrant platform for experienced kinksters and newbies alike with
The person being controlled in a BDSM scene. A submissive, or sub relinquishes control to their dominant partner. A submissive person gains sexual gratification by giving up control and enjoys having someone else call the shots for them. Moreover, some submissives relish the idea of having someone else make them
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