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Suspension Ring
a D-ring for a door hanger
Suggested Terms
Chains are often used in BDSM scenes by a dominant in order to restrain their submissive partners. They are used in forms of bondage, such as suspension.
Boot Licking
Bootlicking is an action usually performed by a sub to a dominant, in which the sub licks the boots of the dominant, this ritual demonstrates the difference in hierarchy and respect and can also reflect the subs fetish to boots and leather, also See Foot Worship and bootblacking.
The process of transforming someone into a hypersexualized, vapid, sex-obsessed version. It can be done in the form of domination, commanding the person to change their clothing and behavior. The term also refers to a type of fetish fan art, where known characters are shown to transform into bimbo caricatures
Ass Worship
Admiration and worship of the ass and the anus. Ass worship includes licking, kissing and massaging the ass, as well as complementing it and extolling its beauty.  
Anal Play
Any activity that involves touching, stimulating or penetrating the rectal and perineal areas for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Anal play can be the main focus of a scene or an embellishment to other sexual activity. Both men and women may find anal play pleasurable as it may stimulate areas
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