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Superhero Fetish
a women in a leather suit
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Branding us the practice of permanently marking the skin with hot iron, creating a scar with a distinct shape. It was used in the past to mark the ownership of slaves. In the context of BDSM, there are those who choose to be branded willingly as the ultimate act of
A dungeon is an indoor room or space where domination, submission, flogging, bondage and other BDSM activities take place. Usually, a dungeon would be equipped with BDSM toys, shackles and other paraphernalia.
Whiplr is a hub for the BDSM, Fetish, alternative lifestyles and Kink community Whiplr is the world’s biggest online community for fetish, BDSM and alternative lifestyles. Starting a mobile dating app for the BDSM community, it has grown and now offer a vibrant platform for experienced kinksters and newbies alike with
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