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BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline(BD), Sadism, Masochism(SM), whereas, some use the overlapping abbreviation: Bondage, Discipline(BD), Dominance,   Submission (DS) Sadism, Masochism(SM). Most things kink fall under one of these categories. BDSM is largely misunderstood and misjudged by the vanilla world and has a somewhat “bad” name, but It needs to be very
The person in control during BDSM play. A dominant person recieves sexual gratification from being in control and domineering someone else. The dominant sets the rules for the submissive, issues commands, and in general is the active partner during the scene. If there is bondage involved, the dominant is the
Domination is exerting power and taking control over someone else. Domination is a key element in  BDSM, and represented by the letter D. When practicing domination,  one person dominates another either emotionally or physically. The person who controls is called a “dominant” , whereas the person who is being controlled is called a
Submission is the act of complying to the will or authority of another persona and what puts the S in D/s. Submission is not about giving up on your free will. It is, however, about letting go of control and allowing someone else to take over for a while. That can
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