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a women spanking another women dressed as a maid
Suggested Terms
Clit Spanking
Clit Spanking is a term relating to hitting the clitoris with a hand in a similar fashion to spanking someone’s buttocks. Sometimes clamps or bondage are used to pull the clit out and make it more vulnerable to spanking.
Caning is a BDSM practice in which a dominant repeatedly strikes a submissive with a cane (usually in the buttocks area). like other impact play practices, caning is not about hurting, but rather stretching the limit between pleasure and pain.
Whipping a sub’s feet while they are tied and unable to move.  
Ass to Mouth (AtM)
Ass to Mouth refers to performing oral sex on a man after anal sex. Though physically the action is not different than any other form of fellatio, many find the “dirtiness” of it to be erotic and enhance the sensation. Much like rimming, there is an inherent health risk to
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Ball Gag
A ball-shaped gag that fits into a person’s mouth. Ball gags are usually made of rubber with a leather strap. Ball gags are commonly associated with bondage and submission, since they have a prominent look and completely prevent the sub from speaking. Ball gags are considered more uncomfortable than other
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