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Impact Play
Whips, floggers and toys used for impact play
Suggested Terms
A sex toy that consists of a handle and a leather thong. Whips are used in impact play to strike one’s partner for the purpose of sexual pleasure.
A form of impact play that involves striking one’s partner with a whip for the purpose of sexual pleasure.
Leather is often used in the making of BDSM toys and garments. It was first popularized in the 1940s by the gay biker community and has since been used by other subcultures such as the Goth community and the BDSM community. Leather is also a common fetish among BDSM practitioners.
Domination is exerting power and taking control over someone else. Domination is a key element in  BDSM, and represented by the letter D. When practicing domination,  one person dominates another either emotionally or physically. The person who controls is called a “dominant” , whereas the person who is being controlled is called a
The practice of using handcuffs for the purpose of restraining a player’s hand movement. Handcuffs are fairly easy to use and release, making them ideal for quick bondage.
Punishment refers to any action taken as a response to the submissive not following the dictates of the dominant. Punishments may be physical or mental. In most situations in life, people wish to avoid punishment. In BDSM, however, punishments are part of the complex dynamic that’s in the heart of all
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