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Female legs in fishnet stockings
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Fetish is an extreme desire for certain behaviors or particular objects, materials or body parts. A person with a fetish will often be drawn to the object or behavior of their desire and will be excited or aroused by being close to it or touching it. Fetish comes in all
Fetish Attire
A collective term for clothing that is designed to appeal to a specific fetish or be incorporated into BDSM play. For example black leather, corsets, fishnet stockings, collars, thigh-high boots, gimp masks, etc.  
Leather is often used in the making of BDSM toys and garments. It was first popularized in the 1940s by the gay biker community and has since been used by other subcultures such as the Goth community and the BDSM community. Leather is also a common fetish among BDSM practitioners.
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