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a women dressed as a gimp in a box
Suggested Terms
Bondage Mittens are lickable, fingerless, leather mittens that are used in bondage scenes.
The process of transforming someone into a hypersexualized, vapid, sex-obsessed version. It can be done in the form of domination, commanding the person to change their clothing and behavior. The term also refers to a type of fetish fan art, where known characters are shown to transform into bimbo caricatures
Sexual penetration done without the use of a condom or a similar prophylactic. Bareback sex has an inherent risk of STDs and pregnancy, and therefore should not be done without prior knowledge and consent.
Asylum Play
A type of BDSM roleplay where the sub roleplays as a patient in a mental hospital. The scene will often include a straitjacket, a padded cell and some form of a gag.
Animal Transformation Fantasy
A form of roleplay where a person pretends to be transformed into an animal, complete with accessories such as fake ears or a butt plug with a tail attached. The transformed person acts completely like the animal and does not speak (but they may make the appropriate animal noise). Animal
Anal Chastity
An abstention from anal sex unless the dominant permits it. Anal chastity is often enforced by a butt plug that is to remain in place until the dominant allows it to be removed.
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