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female legs and chain
Suggested Terms
A fetishistic object that is worn to BDSM scenes. Many kinksters experience a sexual attraction to boots and enjoy boot licking and bootblacking.
A close-fitting bodice that hugs the torso. Unlike a corset, it doesn’t constrain or shape the figure of the person wearing it. Basque are often made from satin or similar fabric, but there are versions made from vinyl and leather as well.
Ass to Mouth (AtM)
Ass to Mouth refers to performing oral sex on a man after anal sex. Though physically the action is not different than any other form of fellatio, many find the “dirtiness” of it to be erotic and enhance the sensation. Much like rimming, there is an inherent health risk to
Animal Transformation Fantasy
A form of roleplay where a person pretends to be transformed into an animal, complete with accessories such as fake ears or a butt plug with a tail attached. The transformed person acts completely like the animal and does not speak (but they may make the appropriate animal noise). Animal
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