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a gimp in the outside
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Fetish is an extreme desire for certain behaviors or particular objects, materials or body parts. A person with a fetish will often be drawn to the object or behavior of their desire and will be excited or aroused by being close to it or touching it. Fetish comes in all
Butt Plug
Butt Plug is a Sex toy designed to be inserted into the anus for the purposes of sexual pleasure. They were originally introduced as medical devices in the late 19th century and were prescribed for cases of constipation. Butt Plugs are similar to dildos in shape, but are normally shorter and
Barefoot Fetish
A fetish for seeing bare feet of others or for touching things with your bare feet. Also see Foot Fetish and Foot Worship 
Anal Sex
Anal Sex refers to sexual penetration of the anus. Anal sex usually requires some form of lubrication, or otherwise some training. Though there is usually no risk of pregnancy in anal sex, there is still the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and therefore the same rules of safe sex apply.
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