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BATHTIME is one of the most enjoyable rituals of the day, for parents and babies alike, and it’s down to having the best bath toys on hand to provide plenty of stimulation for babies and young children.

Through our own trial and error, and the best-reviewed bath toys available on the market, we’ve gathered up the top bath toys you need to know about for baby.

 The toys to help make bath time fun
The toys to help make bath time fun

Some sing, others blow bubbles and they're all great for inspiring young minds and helping to develop hand eye coordination.

We’ve come a long way with bath toys since that old yellow rubber duckie (not that there isn’t always a spot for him in baby’s bath).

Bathtime used to be considered a bit of a chore, but parents – and retailers – have realised that it can be so much more than a wrestling match where your little one screams in terror at the prospect of getting their hair washed.

Now, with the bevy of inspiring toys out there, bathtime can be as fun as a trip to the toy shop – and playground – in one.

Kids love to have lots of fun and kids bath toys is one way to achieve it.

And you don’t need to leave the house to do it. Even better? The toys on the market can help allay a nervous child's worries about bathing and hair washing.

From musical instruments to toys that get those artistic juices flowing, there’s a toy to suit all personalities and all ages.

You can also bag a bargain with toys that cost under a fiver.

Here’s to making bathtime the best part of your day – and baby’s. Scrub a dub dub.

1. Best for music and lights

Credit: Argos
  • VTech Sing and Splash Fish Bath Toy, £13 at Amazon - buy here

A singing fish that lights up and teaches kids their first numbers? Yes, please.

Parents like how this toy has kids developing their fine motor skills by grasping the chunky handle and pouring water.

2. Best for budding musicians

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Playwrite bath flutes, £6.49 at Amazon - buy here

Fill these fun flutes with water to create different tunes in the bath even for older kids.

Even comes with waterproof sheet music. Mozart's got nothing on your tot.

3. Best for little artists

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Washable bath crayons, £3 at Amazon - buy here

Cheap, cheerful and a hit with any small Picassos in your home, these crayons give children the power to do what they want most: make a complete mess and scribble in the bath and on the tiles.

Since they wash off easily, this is way less stress than getting stuck into the crafts cupboard.

4. Best for babies

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Munchkin caterpillar spillers, £7.60 at Amazon - buy here

If you buy one bath toy for baby, make it a set of stacking cups: they can be used for building, nesting together, spilling, straining and pouring water.

This sweet, colourful design from Munchkin can also be linked together to form a caterpillar shape.

5. Best for splashing

Credit: Amazon UK
  • TOMY Toomies Spin and Splash Jellyfish, £8 at Amazon - buy here

This spinning, splashing jellyfish isn't just a fun toy that creates a fountain in the bath, it's also the solution for kids who don't like getting their hair washed.

Turns out, a jellyfish rain shower is so much better to use on your child's head.

6. Best squirty toy

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Bloopies bath time toy, £12.99 at Argos - buy here

These Bloopies toys can snorkel, blow bubbles and squirt. Choose from six different characters and watch your child's eyes light up when they see the dolls spitting water from their mouths.

Just make sure they know not to do the same.

7. Best floating bath toy


Credit: John Lewis
  • Skip Hop Zoo Light-Up Surfers bath toy, £12 at John Lewis - buy here

Cowabunga, dudes! These cool floating surfers, Owl and Bee, light up when they touch the water, and can float on their surfboard or on their own.

8. Best educational

  • Munchkin Learn bath toy foam letters, £8.15 at Amazon - buy here

Because a bath is just another classroom.

Babies will just want to chew on these foam toys, but toddlers and up will have endless fun creating real words (and pretend ones) with these floating letters and numbers that stick to the bath.

9. Best on-the-go bath toy

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Skip Hop Zoo Pull and Go Submarine, £6.95 at Amazon - buy here

Just pull the string and watch monkey go.

Parents like how it doesn't trap water inside, which also makes it ideal for packing on any overnight trips.

10. Best boat

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Green Toys Ferry Boat with Two Toy Cars, £23.99 at Amazon - buy here

This spacious boat has room for other passengers and comes with two cars and a slide-out ramp for endless bath-time fun.

Bonus: the boat is made from recycled milk jugs so you can feel good about buying responsibly.

11. Best for builders

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Edushape Floating Blocks Bath Toy, £18.32 at Amazon - buy here

Building blocks that float in the bath? Yes, these are as good as they seem.

Better, in fact: parents like the different designs on the blocks and how many come in the pack.

12. Best suction toy

Credit: Amazon UK
  • Boon Pipes suction toy, £15.60 at Amazon - buy here

Who knew scooping and pouring water could be this much fun?

These colourful suction pipes attach to the bath and can also be put together to create one long chain.

13. Best for lots of kids

Credit: Amazon UK
  • TOMY Toomies Octopals, £14.89 at Amazon - buy here

Bathtime with siblings is lots of fun - until the squabbles for the top toys begin.

This octopus toy comes with eight baby squirters that can float or stick on the walls, while Mummy octopus becomes a pouring cup that makes washing easier.

You can also play matching games with them... on days when your other kids are at a play date.

14. Best all rounder

Credit: Fat Brain Toy Co.
  • Waddle Bobbers, £20.70 at Explore Your Senses - buy here

A suction slide for endless adventures, a floating iceberg and penguins that you can spin, stack, twirl, wobble and float on the water.

The penguins and iceberg are sealed so water won't build up inside.

How do you store kids bath toys?

You should store bath toys in bath toy organisers, such as this one, to maximise your bathroom space.

They often fit easily onto the bathtub walls or on the side of the bath.

There are many options available to choose from so you can match it with your bathroom's interior.

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