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Coronavirus LIVE: Global pandemic fears as confirmed deaths rise in Italy

ITALIAN officials have introduced measures to control the spread of the deadly bug including cancelling the annual Venice carnival.

There are strict quarantine restrictions in two northern "hotspot" regions close to Milan and Venice, in the Lombardy and Veneto regions, while the UK Government has offered advice to travelers heading to Italy.

Confirmed cases in Italy rose sharply from three on Friday morning to more than 130 by Sunday.

So far, seven people have died and at least 152 others have been infected with the virus in the country.

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  • Richard Wheatstone 's avatarRichard Wheatstone6 hours ago25th February 2020


    The World Health Organisation suggests coronavirus may have peaked in China, where the virus originally broke out.

    The hopes seem to be backed up in latest statistics detailing the number of cases over the last fortnight.

    • Tuesday, 25 February: 71 deaths, 508 new cases
    • Monday, 24 February: 150 deaths, 409 new cases
    • Sunday, 23 February: 97 deaths, 648 new cases
    • Saturday, 22 February: 109 deaths, 397 new cases
    • Friday, 21 February: 118 deaths, 889 new cases
    • Thursday, 20 February: 114 deaths, 394 cases
    • Wednesday, 19 February: 136 deaths, 1,749 new cases
    • Tuesday, 18 February: 98 deaths, 1097 new cases
    • Monday, 17 February: 105 deaths, 2,048 new cases
    • Sunday, 16 February: 142 deaths, 2,009 new cases
    • Saturday, 15 February: 143 deaths, 2,641 new cases
    • Friday, 14 February: 121 deaths, 5,090 new cases
    • Thursday, 13 February: 254 deaths, 15,152 new cases
  • Richard Wheatstone 's avatarRichard Wheatstone6 hours ago25th February 2020


    In South Korea, the government has called for “extraordinary” measures to stop the virus as the number of cases jumps to to 833, with 8 deaths.

    There will be a crackdown on the illegal stockpiling of face masks, with officials saying the next 7-10 days will be crucial in containing the outbreak.

  • Richard Wheatstone 's avatarRichard Wheatstone6 hours ago25th February 2020


    Tom Cruise is fleeing to Britain from an Italian film set as coronavirus panic sweeps Europe.

    The action superstar, 57, was evacuated from the new Mission: Impossible movie in Venice — deemed a high-risk area by Italian authorities.

    A production source last night revealed that the cast and crew were “frightened” as the coronavirus death toll in Italy reached seven.

    They said: “There have been ­meetings with officials but they’re clear that, as far as they are concerned, there is a serious risk in the area, especially where large numbers are gathered — and this is a huge set. “

    Tom Cruise has become the first major celebrity impacted by the Coronavirus

  • Richard Wheatstone 's avatarRichard Wheatstone6 hours ago25th February 2020


    Britons returning from parts of Italy ravaged by coronavirus will reportedly be told to “self-isolate” for 14 days in a bid to stop the spread of the bug.

    Seven people have died in Italy and more than 200 are infected – the largest number of cases outside China, Japan and South Korea.

    On Monday, UK health officials were discussing how far to take the restrictions which could impact thousands of people.

    Italy has not been added to the Number 10’s list of “high-risk” countries prompting criticism from medics concerned tourists potentially carrying the virus are not being quarantined.

    However, Britain’s chief medical officer is expected to add a number of northern reigns of Italy to that list.

    And anyone travelling from the coronavirus-hit areas will be told to self-isolate if they show symptoms of the bug, the Telegraph reports.

  • Robert Mann 's avatarRobert Mann15 hours ago24th February 2020


    As Italy becomes the first European country to deal with a significant outbreak, the Italian Prime Minister is said to be introducing “extraordinary measures” to control the spread of the deadly disease.

    Some 50,000 people have been banned from leaving or entering parts of the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto without permission.

    And as Italian towns are put on lockdown, it prompts the question: is it safe to visit Italy?