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Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot

EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign...

ARIES (Two of Coins, King of Cups, Three of Coins)


You’re an immensely likeable person, and others typically wish you well, and want to support your progress wherever they can.

The King of Cups and Three of Coins show this is going to happen this week.

Someone in your world who has great affection for you (maybe a Water sign- Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) spots an opportunity to give you a promotion / raise / leg up / invitation which allows you to showcase something you’re good at, and deserve rewards for.

The Two of Coins means this is an addition to your current workload or responsibilities, but you don’t mind because it’s something you truly want to do.

So, this week, put yourself in front of people with influence and make a good impression on them. Something positive is coming as a result.

TAURUS (Nine of Cups, Judgment, Ten of Coins)


Extremely positive and powerful cards this week, Taurus, so it’s time to make overt moves in the direction of your true heart’s desire.

Don’t waste this tarot blessing on anything insignificant or easy- go for your biggest goal in the week ahead!

The Nine of Cups is a wish-come-true card, promising the higher you aim the better the outcome.

Judgment means you’re closing one chapter down, in order to open a new book on a clean page and start anew- albeit older, wiser and more appreciative of your “second chances”.

The Ten of Coins hints that this ambition or dream is around your material world: health, education, career, home and finances.

What ideals or goals do you have here?

Identify the most exciting and inspiring one, and set to making progress on it this very week.

The Universe is ready to give you a massive leg up.

Prepare to go further faster than you thought was possible!

GEMINI (Knight of Swords, The Lovers, Eight of Swords)


Conflict is swirling all around you this week, but don’t get scared or resistant to it; sometimes we have to start a fight in order to things and circumstances to change.

This conflict is happening for a reason something is ready to change and it’s a recognition of that tension and difficulty that starts the process.

The Knight of Swords sees you putting your agenda ahead of the rest this week, for once, and others might not like it.

SO WHAT. Get on with it, Gemmy, and to hell with what they say.

The Lovers shows this is important for you, and has been a source of frustration and disquiet recently.

Well, now you’ve made a start on pushing your own agenda- keep going, don’t back down, see this through.

The Eight of Swords shows it’s necessary and it’s going to help you escape a long-running “mental prison” you’ve been in.

Push on, stick to your guns, face the music.

By the end of the week, things will be in a much better place.

CANCER (Ace of Coins, Ten of Cups, Knight of Wands)

 Loving vibes
Loving vibes

A new romance is blossoming, or about to, in your life and that feels GOOD.

The Knight of Wands shows that your suitor is exciting, passionate, adventurous and funny, an absolute tonic to be around.

The passionate Ten of Cups shows this love has got real potential, not only a strong and immediate chemistry but a lasting and loyal foundation.

It could be “the one” my friend!

The Ace of Coins asks you to NOT rush things (tempting though it is).

Enjoy the early days, savour the dating game, relish the romance, delay the gratification!

Maybe this person is a friend at the moment, but this week something changes in your attitude towards each other.

Maybe this is someone you’re going to meet this week.

Maybe it’s a casual romance that ramps up.

Maybe it’s even a dramatic improvement of things with your current love.

You’re getting an early Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure.

LEO (Seven of Wands, Nine of Coins, The Devil)


You’re going to make a stand this week on something that, up to now, you’ve usually caved in about, because it hasn’t felt worth the aggro.

The Seven of Wands and The Devil reveal that you’re realising if you don’t stop this in its tracks now, then this situation will just keep on reoccurring- and, frankly, you’re sick of it.

Leo, let them hear you roar! Make it explicit that you won’t tolerate this situation rumbling on any longer- enough’s enough.

Be prepared to see your “threats” through, don’t cry wolf or put yourself in a spot you’re not prepared to act upon.

The Nine of Coins promises that this short-term pain is worth a long-term gain.

You can change this if you act now, and for the better.

You can turn it around. Stand your ground, let them see your “teeth”!

VIRGO (The Magician, Page of Wands, Six of Wands)


An experiment of yours is going to pay off, down the line, in a very big way!

So throw yourself into a new project, creative endeavour or activity, which you’re not 100% sure about, but feel inspired by.

The Magician and Page of Wands sees you in a very creative mood this week, ready to put your perfectionist talents to good use and make something out of nothing.

You’re a super talented person, Virgo, and you can put your talents to better use- even making money from them.

The Six of Wands applauds this project, and promises success, fulfilment and reward will come from it.

So whether you’re starting an online shop, taking a crafts course, learning a new career skill, writing poems etc… do it with enthusiasm and stick at it!

This could turn into something extremely lucrative and successful, I promise!

LIBRA (Six of Coins, Three of Wands, Eight of Cups)


Something, or someone, has been a disappointment to you recently, as shown by the mourning Eight of Cups.

But it’s up to you, my friend, how long you wish to stay stuck in this spot, grieving over what didn’t work out.

Now that you’ve got the truth and see things clearly, why not move on quickly?

Why linger to dwell on what might have been? No, no. Onwards please.

The Three of Wands asks you to throw yourself into activities, projects and events with other people, surround yourself with those who inspire and lift you up.

The Six of Coins asks you to add value to other people too, by supporting / advising / helping / listening / complimenting.

Sometimes the fastest way to raise our self-esteem is to make ourselves valuable to others, to see how we play an important role in the bigger picture.

Go seek company. Go support someone else. The doldrums will swiftly vanish.

SCORPIO (Strength, The Fool, Ten of Swords) 


Very powerful cards this week, Scorpio, so buckle up for an interesting ride!

The Ten of Swords sees you drawing something to a close, something which has been painful and difficult and you now believe will not improve (you’re right there).

The Fool sweeps in fast to provide new and fresh energy and opportunity to replace what you have (bravely) released.

Follow your instincts here. Go have fun.

Invest in something inspiring and exciting, no matter what others think (or say).

Strength is a potent tarot card about personal development, recognising and drawing on ALL aspects of your nature (the light and the dark side…).

You are not made of sugar and spice and not all of your desires or ambitions sit well with others.

That, my friend, is THEIR problem. You just carry on and do YOU.

SAGITTARIUS (Six of Cups, King of Coins, Eight of Coins)


Did you know there’s something, or someone, from your past which could become something fulfilling, rewarding and even lucrative in your current world?

Maybe an old hobby, talent or activity you used to love, and were good at.

The Six of Cups asks you to wander down Memory Lane and look for things which could play a role in your present situation.

The Eight and King of Coins reveal there are material gains to be had here, or money to be made.

Perhaps it’s those toys you meticulously kept in their boxes (and still languish in your mum’s loft).

Perhaps it’s the poems you used to write (which could be brushed up and made into something engaging now).

Perhaps it’s an old friend or school chum who you used to bounce off like no one else before or since.

Go back to find something you’ve forgotten or lost. It deserves a place in your world today.

CAPRICORN (Knight of Cups, Two of Cups, The Moon)


Wowsers, Cap, Valentine’s has come early in your world with a trio of love cards- Two of Cups (immediate attractions), Knight of Cups (being swept off your feet) and The Moon… oh wait, this card is actually about not taking anything at face value but holding back a little until the full picture has emerged.

So, whatever loving overtures or grand gestures come your way this week, smile and be gracious but don’t let your guard ALL the way down.

Something has yet to emerge which might make a difference to not only to how you feel, but what you decide to do.

Play it safe in the meantime, and look for secrets and illusions, look for what lies beneath here.

All sounds quite ominous doesn’t it.

Well it might be something and nothing, but it’s worth being cautious just in case.

Not every new romantic interest we meet is Mr/s Right…

AQUARIUS (Knight of Coins, The Empress, Five of Wands)


Your assertiveness can tip over into stubbornness and belligerence sometimes, Aquarius, though I know you won’t thank me for saying it!

The Five of Wands and Knight of Coins see you in this kind of dangerous mood this week.

Who’s rattling your cage? What’s got you so riled up? What buttons have others pushed?

Think about this.

The Empress shows that other people are coming from a good place, with your best intentions at heart.

You’re loved and liked, and this means people want to help you or give you their advice when they think you need it.

And maybe you DO need it… let them in, hear them out, absorb it without reacting, mull it over.

Maybe there’s some wisdom to be had from another’s perspective on your life, after all…

PISCES (Three of Cups, Five of Coins, The Sun)


I feel like something bad happened once upon a time and (don’t shout at me) you’ve decided you’re in the mood to hold a lil’ Self Pity Party for yourself about it this week, even though it was long ago.

The Five of Coins shows that maybe you’re using this as an excuse (don’t shout at me) for not moving on as you should, perhaps you just want to sit and pick at the scab for a while.

Nope. Not allowing it, Pisces!

The Three of Cups and The Sun sweep in to tell you to do exactly the opposite!

Make this week one of spontaneous fun and celebrations, deliberate indulgences and treats, investments of time in the present moment and savouring what you have in your life.

Don’t succumb to the doldrums- go party, book a holiday, arrange time with friends.

Celebrate what you have… vs mourning what you lost (it won’t bring it back anyway).

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at www.kerrykingtarot.etsy.com

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