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I’ll limp down the aisle after I broke all the bones in my foot during sex session with my husband-to-be

BRIDE-TO-BE Skye Cochrane, 30, will hobble down the aisle in trainers when she marries later this year.

She hasn't been able to walk properly since breaking every bone in her foot after a steamy sex session with then-boyfriend George went very wrong.

 Skye and George are set to marry this summer
Skye and George are set to marry this summer

Thrown to the floor, she snapped every bone in her foot and had to go to A&E - and was horrifically embarrassed.

Now Skye, from Seaham, County Durham, shares her racy story:

George and I had been friends for years, but hadn’t dated. But on our first proper night out as a two, I knew I felt more than just friendship for him.

He had been my rock after a nasty break-up with my ex and I wanted to be with him properly but he wanted to take things slow.

 Skye's foot after her first operation
Skye's foot after her first operation

By the time we’d been dating for more than a year, we were inseparable and I was completely smitten with George.

I knew he was the one for me but George was dragging his heels when it came to making things official between us.

That was until July 2013 when George finally uttered the words I’d been longing to hear. ‘Skye, will you be my girlfriend?’ he grinned at home after a boozy night out with friends.

I loved George to bits and was so happy we were now an official couple.

We started snogging and soon, our clinch turned steamy and before we knew it, we were tearing at each other’s clothes and going for it  on the sofa.

Then suddenly, the sofa flipped over and threw us both to the floor. George collapsed in a fit of giggles over our saucy accident as he fell to the floor, but I yelped in agony.

 She was in a cast for months
She was in a cast for months

As the sofa flipped, my foot had caught on the door frame, snapping it back as I fell.  ‘I can’t get up,’ I cried out in pain, as I crawled across the carpet.

I tried to brush off our x-rated accident, but I couldn’t even stand up. And when I inspected my injured foot, I  knew instantly something was badly wrong.

It was jutting out at completely the wrong angle. ‘Call an ambulance!’ I screamed at George.

As he dialled 999, I desperately scrambled around for my clothes. But all I could find was George’s boxers and top and my cheeks burned red with shame as I explained our X-rated accident to paramedics.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ they said, examining my foot as I tried to protect my modesty.

I tried to brush off our x-rated accident, but I couldn’t even stand up. And when I inspected my injured foot, I  knew instantly something was badly wrong.

Skye Cochrane30

I was mortified as I was rushed to A&E and at the hospital, a doctor confirmed it was one of the worst breaks he’d seen.

‘You’ve broken every bone in your foot,' he explained, likening it to when a horse rider falls and their foot gets caught in the stirrups.

I was horrified when he revealed I’d need two operations and would spend over six months in a cast.

I couldn’t believe our saucy sofa session had ended so badly but through everything, I wanted to make sure George had meant what he’d said.

‘So am I really your girlfriend now?’ I asked George loudly in front of the whole ward. George nodded.

George was my rock throughout my hospital stay and as soon as I returned home, he waited on me hand and foot.

It made us stronger than ever. It was embarrassing explaining to our friends and family how I’d come to be in hospital, but we learned to see the funny side.

 Skye and George will tie the knot in July
Skye and George will tie the knot in July

Over the next few months, my foot slowly started to recover. But even when the cast was taken off, it was never the same.

I was plagued with ongoing pain and I struggled to walk long distances. But George’s love and support kept me going.

So when he proposed in Spain in February 2017, I was over the moon. ‘Yes,’ I beamed, as George slid the sparkling ring on my finger.

I was so happy, and we excitedly started planning our wedding. We agreed to tie the knot in July 2020 - on the seven year anniversary of our sexy accident.

Because of the pins holding my foot together, I’ll be forced to walk down the aisle in trainers, but I won’t let it ruin our day.

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