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Viral photo claims your womb doubles in size on your period – but docs aren’t so sure

MANY women accept that with their time of the months comes bloating, cramps and a general feeling of heaviness.

But now a viral photo claims to explain the reason why ladies feel this way while they're on their period.

Credit: Apples and Ovaries

The picture, which has recently resurfaced via The Jocelyn Centre in Sydney, shows two uterus' - one regular and one mid-flow.

Difference in size

It suggests that the uterus doubles in size during a woman's menstrual cycle - kind of like boobs do.

The smaller, cream-coloured shape is supposed to be what a non-menstruating uterus looks like while the larger red one is about double the size.

The caption reads: “Can you get over the difference in size???!!! This is why we feel so heavy at the beginning of our bleed.

"Why it can feel like our uterus is about to drop out and hit the pavement (or is that just me?). And why we need to take things slooooooow.”

The snap has been shared more than 29,000 times and over 7,000 comments, with women tagging their friends to pass on the information.

Despite this, top gynaecologists and fertility experts have revealed that actually, this isn't completely legit.

Dr David Knight of Demeter Fertility said: "It’s not accurate.

"My first impression is you’re kidding me.

Gender data gap

"It’s always really sensible to make sure it’s not just your personal bias so I went and did a review of the published data and there is not a single article that suggests that the uterus is twice the size at menses as at ovulation.

"The uterus is a muscle and there is no physiological basis for the uterus to double in size because the endometrium is shedding.

"There is certainly no published data to back it up."

The woman behind the viral image, India Dechrai, is a health promotion professional studying a postgrad in women’s health and physical activity.

She agrees the data is limited but there's a reason for that.

She told body+soul: "There is a massive gender data gap, we don’t know much about women’s bodies at all. Some medical professionals say it’s not accurate and some say it might be...

“The reason I haven’t taken it down and stand by the post is that it’s given so many women permission to go gently at this part of their cycle.

"If some women looking at this think, ‘No wonder I feel so bloated, so heavy, I don’t fit in my pants’ and it makes them feel better, then it’s worth it."

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